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Svetlana, Age: 40

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Russia, Barnaul

Tanya, Age: 23

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Russia, Tjumen

Elena, Age: 39

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Russia, Nabereznye Chelny

Bride from Russia: Anna (16831)

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Anna (id: 16831 )



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Aug 03, 2008

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Height :

175 cm~5ft 8"

Weight :

152 lbs (69 kg)

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for marriage

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Yes, they live with me

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Education :

University degree

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Travel / Hospitality

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Race :

White / Caucasian

Drinking :

I'm a light/social drinker

Smoking :

Trying to quit

Key personality traits :

Intelligent, Sociable, Kind

My favorite pastime :

At home, with a book, With family, In a theatre, In a park, With my friends, In a cinema, Visiting exhibitions

My favorite music :

Pop, Disco, Opera, Country, Jazz, Classical

My favorite cuisine :

Japanese, Chinese, Italian

Languages :

English, Russian, Italian

In my own words:

NOTE: I kindly ask you to understand if I don't answer you - that just is only mean that you don't match to my expectations or you have NO PHOTO in your profile. Life is Life! ) But I'm serious in my research, and I can hardly expect after my informative profile that my soulmate dropps me a short line with only a couple of words. I appreciate your writing abilities and a way your express yourself on writings - I hope they match mines also! ))). So, please, read my profile with attention before write me just "Hello! "! ! ! . ))) I'm looking for someone similar to me! With similar tastes and values. Desirable age - 36-46 years, height from 180 with normal weight. Ready to serious relations. With higher education and wide outlook. Possibly a smoker, or who considers tobacco smell tolerantly (but I think to stop this habit together lately))). On a horoscope - Aries or Fishes or Sagittarius or Leo. Knowledge of any other language except English is a plus. What qualities do I especially appreciate in man? Among them are: mind, an outlook, intelligence, vigour, skill TO PUT AND REACH the purpose. Ability/propensity to CARE. I'm an extrovert with some leader qualities, but in a family tandem - conducted. Sometimes I reincarnate in lovely, gentle and kind person. ) Sense of humour with irony. I'm bright, inquisitive, erudite. I speculate a lot about human's life - they say that's one of my bad woman's habit! ))) Among my interests you can find HISTORY, ASTROLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, THEATRE, TRAVELLING. Do you share it with me?! ))) I've been working as a guide in Europe, travelling by bus before giving birth to my daughter (she's 5 y. o. now). I can speak Italian, and understand French, German and Spanish a bit. I love various of cultures, their history. They say I'm very open-minded and able to adapt easily. As for my imperfections - I can count obstinacy and sometimes I postpone the decision of a problem up to tomorrow. Also I'm a smoker and I don't believe in attractivity a non-smoker to a smoker. I think to stop this habit with time. I especially appreciate Sincerity. Though there's a difference between sincerity and honesty, isn't it? I appreciate Depth and its Filling in the person. As it's told - " he's not the deep man ". That's the depth I think about. For me it is very important. I'm not religious deeply. Though, the Christianity is in my roots. My favourite artists: Perhaps, Botticelli))). In general, I like the Epoch of the Renaissance. Although I prefer architecture, spirit of city than its stuffy galleries with treasures of painting. Have you been pushed before "La Gioconda"? - it wasn't great pleasure for me. As to my favourite writers: the French of 19-th century. Favourite cuisine: Italian and Japanese. I love tasty meal. But cooking is not my favorite time-spending. My favorite cities? - Among them are Moscow, Amsterdam, Munich, Dresden, Verona, Florence etc. . Pets: I had lots of cats (thai and abyssinians), but for now it's not possible because of daughter allergy. She's unhappy with it too. They say it will be possible to have cats with the time. ) I like driving very much, even don't pay lots of attention to city-traffic. ) And travelling far from home is my great hobby. With the same time I love to be back at home and it's important for me to have home and have feelings of being home. I'd like you to find something similar to you in my short portrait so that's why I wrote it carefully. I believe, it's important to have similar tastes and values - as with ages it becomes hard to change yourself, even you've fallen in love with someone. I want to be adequate to you expectations of your soul-mate from the beginning and I'd like you to be the same to my expectations too. I want to find a person to admire - my father, my teacher and my husband and my partner in ONE person. All of us are following to our parents patterns and I'm not exception too. And when we find a person that seems to be one of our parents we say - I'm home. So - I want to find my home and forget about lonelyness. I'm not a highly conflict person and I know how to forgive, but if I desagree with my partner I can keep silence for some time - for how long - it's up to you! ))) I think it's better to resolve the problem with cold head - just we need some time to cool it! ))) I think here is pertinently to say about my horoscope as it illustrates much of my character - certainly I'm Virgo, but I have sufficient part of of Libras and my Ascendant is in Aquarius. "Understanding is a shadow, but also an opportunity to be warmed, having presented pleasure! "

About My Date

I am seeking a :


Age between :

36 - 46

Height between :

180 cm~5ft 10" - 195 cm~6ft 5"

Weight between :

165 lbs (75 kg) - 209 lbs (95 kg)

Key personality traits in my date :

Intelligent, Kind, Loyal